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View your stock portfolio based on your performance — not the market's!

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Revolutionary stock graphing

This app offers a revolutionary way to see your stock portfolio. Instead of showing you how well (or poorly) a single stock is doing regardless of your position, mySTOX shows you how a stock has performed since you purchased it.

Based on stock purchase

The white line represents where the stock was when you purchased it. This is its baseline performance.

Performance since purchase

The colored bar shows the range of the stock since you purchased it. The top of the bar represents the highest value, and the bottom of the bar represents the lowest value.

Have I made money?

The circle represents where the current price lands on the overall performance of the stock, since it was purchased. If it is above the white line, your position is greater than the purchased price. If below, the stock is performing below your purchased price.

Performance at a glance

With the example above, you can visually see that the first stock is profitable, the second stock is unprofitable, and the third stock, while having highs and lows above and below the purchase price, is still slightly better than the price for which it was originally purchased.

Entering your trades

To add a new stock entry, simply tap the create button at the top of the screen.

For the masochist in all of us

The tabs at the top sort your portfolio from best performing to worst performing.

Getting rid of one

Pushing and holding on a stock will ask if you want to delete it.

Personalized Scroller

The scroller at the bottom shows symbols in your portfolio along with the monetary value and percentage based on the values reported by Yahoo Stocks. It pre-calculates your original price, and shows the difference between the current price and the purchased price.

Questions or Comments?

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